Pedigree Of Luna-Eclipse Felix of Puffstuff
ColorBlue Tabby CPC
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
GC Sunnylake's Bingo of Luna-Eclipse
Seal-Lynx Point Exotic
GC Animotion's Samuel Poppy
Flame-Lynx Point Persian-Himalayan
CH Mypause I'll Walk The Line
Seal-Lynx Point Persian-Himalayan
GC Peaceful Paws Walkin' The Line
Sandypaws Blind Date of Mypause DM
Playwickey's Betsy Of Animotion
Tortie Point Persian-Himalayan
GC Playwickey's Philly Fanatic DM
CH, GP D'purr Pretty Woman Of Playwickey
Celebrities' Zsa Zsa-Of-Sunny Lakes
Blue-Lynx Point Exotic
Alina Burberrys of Le Chat Paws
Seal-Lynx Point Exotic
GIC Alina's Hugo Boss
Lumicat Jasmine
CH Le Chat Paws Penny Loafer
Tortie-Lynx Point Persian-Himalayan
CH M-T-D-Lite Bluemoon Of Le Chat Paws
Le Chat Paws Thalia
GC Makinzy Katz Harmony of Sunnylake
Tortoiseshell Exotic
GC, RW Yellicles Here Comes The Sun of MaKinzy Katz
Brown Tabby Exotic
CH Jadon True Love of Yellicle
Black Persian
GC, NW Goliada Godric Gryffindor of Jadon
GC, GP, BW, NW Kenkat Splash of Krimpurrs
Alina's Olympic Diva of Yellicle
Brown Tabby Exotic
GC Callyn's Knot Again! of Alina
CH Vita-Nova's Touch-Of-Frost of Alina
GC, RW MaKinzy Katz Halloween
Tortoiseshell Exotic
CH Alu Beezle of Makinzy Katz
Black Exotic
Yquem Nutsy
Pin-Up of Sherazad's Sweet Dreams
CH Byhishands Peaches of Makinzy Katz
Red Tabby Persian
CH Patsi-Kat Nash Rambler of Whitman
GC Byhishands Brain Freeze
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