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Thank you again for your interest in our PUFFSTUFF cattery!

Thank you for your interest in our cattery. PUFFSTUFF is a CFA registered cattery. We have been breeding Himalayans, Color Point Exotics, Persians CPC and Exotics CPC over 30 years. Larisa Voronina is a CFA Breed Council. We are working hard for the best results.

If you are looking for a cat or kitten for show, breeding or just a pet, you are in the right place.

If you made a decision to start breeding nice purebred cats, we are always happy to help you.

We live in Mount Pleasant (Charleston), SC and have very small "cageless" cattery. Our kittens are raised with tender loving care and known for their sweet personalities and loving, playful disposition.

We are working with the best Himalayan, Persian and Exotic bloodlines such as LUNA-ECLIPSE, SUNNYLAKE, PEACEFULPAWS, SANDYPAWS, TOPCATTERY, SWEET COUPLE, NO COMMENTS, ARI-AL to produce healthy, wonderful, sweet, delicate and playful kittens with great personalities plus!

Our cats are easy to groom and show. It is very important for us that PUFFSTUFF  cats, kittens and their new owners are happy with one another, that quality kittens are produced in the breeding programs, and that show cats are shown well.

PUFFSTUFF's cats and kittens are currently living and being shown in Germany, Israel, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, etc. as well as in the United States. Many of our Champions, Grand Champions and kittens are pictured in cat magazines of USA and Europe. These magazines are "Cat Fanciers' Almanac", "CFA Yearbook", "Cat Tracks" (USA), "Kissa" (Finland), "Droug", "Zhivoi Mir", Cat's Yearbooks (Russia), and many others.

We do not ship our kittens and cats.

We are happy to work with and assist the owners of PUFFSTUFF cats and kittens around the world...

All of our cats have been FeLV tested negative for many years. Our cattery is PKD DNA negative. The diet of our cats consists of Royal Canin kitten and adult formulas.


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